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For the holiday weekend, a lot of people are headed to the pool to cool off.

But before they get in, experts want you to keep the pool clean.

Yvonne Johnson with Lifestyles Physical Therapy, has a few tips on how to keep your family happy this summer.

“A clean pool is a happy pool,” Johnson said.

Here are five ways on how to clean a green swimming pool:

1. Scrub with a 2-in-1 cleaner that contains chlorine.

2. Rinse the pool bottom with a non-chlorine water rinse.

3. Go green and use a natural fiber bottom liner, Johnson said.

4. Use biodegradable pool chemicals that don’t harm the environment.

5. Keep the water clean with an aquatic moss or microorganisms such as radishes or parsley.

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Copyright 2018 WXIX. All rights reserved.

All these tips will allow your family to stay safe and enjoy your pool for years to come.

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How to clean a green swimming pool

GREEN swimming pools have come a long way in recent years, but they aren’t easy to keep clean. The best way to ensure a clean green pool is to use a chlorine cleaner, including oxychlor, chloramines, chlorine and chlorinate. We show you how to use these cleaners.

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Source: Carlsbad Aquatic Center.

Green or chlorine? Chlorine pools.

(Scott Schiller/Tribune News Service)

Getting the pool ready.

(Scott Schiller/Tribune News Service)


(Scott Schiller/Tribune News Service)


(Scott Schiller/Tribune News Service)

Chopping the grass.

(Scott Schiller/Tribune News Service)

Adding mulch and dirt.

(Scott Schiller/Tribune News Service)

Trimming the leaves.

(Scott Schiller/Tribune News Service)


(Scott Schiller/Tribune News Service)

Applying the finish.

(Scott Schiller/Tribune News Service)


(Scott Schiller/Tribune News Service)

Trimming the plants.

(Scott Schiller/Tribune News
How to clean a green swimming pool

Q: I just purchased a new swimming pool and it has a green hue that reminds me of the ocean. Is there something I can do to clean it up?

A: You’ve identified a common pool condition called chlorophyll buildup, which is caused by bacteria in the water feeding on the chlorophyll in the surface layer of the water. This brown, scummy algae, commonly referred to as green algae, can leave an ugly brown spot on the pool. It is a tough task to get rid of this algae, since the chlorine can damage the equipment if it comes into contact with it.

The good news is that if you treat the pool properly, a good water cleaning can eliminate the algae. However, the quick-care solution of simply rinsing off the algae with water will cause your chlorine levels to go down. The pH in your pool water must be slightly higher than the natural 6.5 for good chlorination, so too much chlorination will cause a build-up of bad oxygen in the pool that will eventually damage equipment. The first step is to ensure
How to clean a green swimming pool

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It’s probably fair to say that pool season has officially arrived — and with it comes a host of maintenance issues to deal with — from noticing mold growth to cleaning dead bugs. That’s why we’ve turned to the experts at Clean Baseline. Here’s how they say to clean a green swimming pool — or at least part of one.

How to clean a green pool

Spend five minutes at the pool before you let the kids in. Stake out the perimeter, remove and dry the cover, then prepare to mop. Here’s the process:

Wash the cover off with a hose or an ultra-hot dishwashing machine. Use disinfectant. Scrub the cover down with a stiff brush, washing inside to get the loose bits of moss, leaves, whatever. Using your hands to remove dirt. Be sure not to scoop the water. Only apply soap to clean areas where you see a surface that’s coming off. Rinse. Scrub down. Swirl the surface with a good, non-abrasive scrubber. Swirl the inside of the edges, too. Rinse again. Moisten a mesh-covered scrub

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